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Which Bayer Meter Is Right for You?

Testing can be a great challenge for people with diabetes. To make it easy, the Bayer's CONTOUR® and BREEZE®2 meters use No Coding™ technology — a patented test strip design that enables your meter to be automatically coded each time you test. So there are fewer steps for you — and less chance for inaccurate results.


  • A personalized meter that lets you focus on the information that's important to you.
  • Available in four vibrant colors, with a sleek design.

Image of CONTOUR<sup>®</sup> Meter


  • 10-Test Disc so you don't have to handle individual strips.
  • Received Ease-of-Use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation®.
Image of CONTOUR<sup>®</sup> Meter

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Tools and technology for simple wins

Bayer also offers a variety of tools and technology, including MICROLET®2 lancing devices and computer software as well as programs like Simple Wins to help give you more control over diabetes, for more simple wins in your daily life.